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About Us

Unleash the beast with our beats!

Introducing Beast Meet, the ultimate fusion of autos & electrifying beats. Since 2017, we’ve been igniting the streets of Denton, TX with mind-blowing events that have been held across North Texas. But we’re not just about sick cars & killer music; we have a wild purpose!

As a passionate community of car enthusiasts & EDM lovers, we’ve come together to roar for a cause. Beast Meet is not your ordinary event hosting company. Our mission is to build a thriving community while championing the well-being of exotic animals. Picture this: the roaring engines, the pulsating rhythms, & the untamed beauty of nature, all working together to create a harmonious experience that leaves a positive impact.

Our dream? To set the North Texas car scene ablaze with the most epic festival & car show ever witnessed, & then take the show on the road across the nation. By collaborating with professionals who share our obsession with cars, autos, music, and nature, we’re uniting people from all walks of life to serve a greater purpose.

But why a for-profit company, you may ask? Well, we believe in the power of sustainability. By crafting a profitable model, we ensure that our social endeavors can thrive indefinitely.

Every rev of the engine & every bass drop contributes to our ongoing mission of making a difference. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we push boundaries, break records, & ignite passions. Together, we’ll create a symphony of speed, sound, & compassion that will resonate far beyond the streets of North Texas. Beast Meet: where cars, music, & the wild collide for a cause.”


Driven by an unwavering passion for cars and music, my journey has been shaped by unexpected turns. Initially a side interest, the idea for Beast Meet bloomed while navigating the realm of business, sparked by a series of unforeseen events. From juggling military duties, part-time jobs, and education challenges, I experienced the hardship of making ends meet. Determined to transcend limitations, I embarked on a path of self-discovery. Thus, the seeds of my entrepreneurial journey were sown, driven by an unyielding desire to create something extraordinary that combines my passions for cars, music, and technological exploration.